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about Find My Bridge

Find My Bridge is a blockchain bridge aggregator and search engine that helps users find and compare bridges for selected routes. Find My Bridge provides real data on bridge fees, gas fees, and transfer times, enabling users to make informed decisions.

Alternative routes offer up 90% SAVINGS on bridge
fees compared to POPULAR solutions


All blockchains and bridges in one single place removing the time consuming task of searching for bridging alternatives. No more looking for responses on Telegram or Discord

“Dozens of bridging solutions impossible to keep track of”

+230 chains | +90 bridges | +3600 routes

targeting efficiency

Find My Bridge is a tool for any crypto user, regardless of their end goal in using blockchains. Before making any cross-chain transfer, it is crucially important to search for and utilise the most efficient tools in order to preserve capital.

“Users overspend on bridge fees unknowingly”

FMB search bot

Find My Bridge’s Telegram bot is your ultimate guide to navigating the world of blockchain bridges. Get instant access to protocols, routes, and more, all within the convenience of Telegram.

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    What an incredible tool! I’m adding it to my newsletter. I have actually been looking for a tool like the one you have.


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      The most innovative and reliable blockchain bridge finder in the market. FMB and Rango Exchange are more than just partners. We are allies in creating a more connected and accessible blockchain world


      Rango Exchange


        Find My Bridge is dedicated to providing convenience to all multichain users. We are jointly lowering the threshold and accelerating Web3 mass adoption.


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